Pioneer CDS-P4000 CD Player User Manual

Basic Operation of CD Player Entering the Function Menu
The Function Menu lets you operate simple functions for the CD player.
After entering the Function Menu, if you do not perform an operation within about 30 seconds, the
Function Menu is automatically canceled.
1. Select the desired mode in the Function Menu. (Refer to “Function Menu
2. Operate a mode. (e.g. Repeat Play)
3. Cancel the Function Menu.
The button used and the operation it performs are
indicated by the key guidance indicator. Press the
5 button to switch the key guidance indicator ON,
and the button to switch it OFF.
Each press changes the Mode ...
Track Search and Fast Forward/Reverse
You can select between Track Search or Fast
Forward/Reverse by pressing the 2/3 button for a
different length of time.
Track Search 0.5 seconds or less
Fast Forward/Reverse Continue pressing
If the CD player cannot operate properly, an error message such as
“ERROR-14” is displayed. Refer to “CD Player Troubleshooting”.
Play Time Indicator
Track Number Indicator
Selecting the CD Player Source
Press the SOURCE button repeatedly until
the CD Player is selected.
The CD Player starts playing.
Key Finder
Operate CD Player functions with the buttons shown below.
Head Unit (e.g. KEH-P6010)
For details concerning operation using the Remote Controller, refer to the Operation Manual of the
Head Unit.
5//2/3 buttons
SOURCE button
BAND button
PGM button
DISPLAY button
Using the CD Player
Operating with Different Head Units
This CD Player can be operated only with a separately sold Head Unit.
Instructions in this Operation Manual use a “KEH-P6010” Head Unit as an example.
Head Unit-Group 1
This group of Head Units features a FUNCTION button you can use to call up a Function
Menu to operate functions.
Operation using this group of Head Units is the same as with the “KEH-P6010”,
operate following the instructions in this manual.
7 Examples of Group 1 Head Units
KEH-P601 KEH-P690 KEH-P5900
Head Unit-Group 2
This group of Head Units does not feature a FUNCTION button. However, the units allow
different direct operation of functions with dedicated buttons such as a RPT button.
When using the CD Player with this group of Head Units, refer to the Function
Compatibility Chart for Head Unit Group 2.
7 Examples of Group 2 Head Units
KEH-P4010 KEH-P490 KEH-P4900 KEH-P1010*
* This Unit does not feature the “Random Play” and “Scan Play” functions.
The Operation Manual for an indivisual Head Unit may feature different instructions for operating a
CD Player. In such case, refer to those instructions.
Function Compatibility Charts
Each function operation described can be executed by pressing the corresponding buttons on
the Head Unit or the remote controller.
7Head Unit Group 2
Function name Button Operation
Source Switching SOURCE, SOURCE/OFF :Select
Repeat Play RPT
LOCAL/BSM (Hold for 2 seconds) :Select
Random Play RPT (Hold for 2 seconds)
LOCAL/BSM (Hold for 2 seconds) :Select
Scan Play PAUSE/BSM (Hold for 2 seconds)
PAUSE/SCAN (Hold for 2 seconds) :Select
Track Search 2 or 3 (Hold for 0.5 seconds or less) :Select
Fast Forward/Reverse 2 or 3 (Continue pressing) :Select
Displaying Disc Titles
Press the DISPLAY button to change the Disc
Title display of the current disc.
This function is available only when the Head Unit is connected
to a Multi-CD player.
If you switch displays when no disc titles have been input, “NO
TITLE” is displayed.
Repeat the preceding operation to return to the normal display.