Nokia BH-205 Headphones User Manual

3. Activate the Bluetooth feature on
the phone, and set the phone to
search for Bluetooth devices.
4. Select the headset from the list of
found devices.
5. Enter the passcode 0000 to pair
and connect the headset to your
phone. In some phones you may
need to make the connection
separately after pairing. You only
need to pair the headset with your
phone once.
If the pairing is successful, the
headset beeps once and appears in the
phone menu where you can view the
currently paired Bluetooth devices.
The headset is now ready for use.
Basic use
Wear the headset
Slide the earloop behind your ear, and
point the headset toward your mouth.
To use the headset on the left ear,
gently detach (7), flip, and attach (8)
the earloop.
Call handling
To make a call, use your phone in the
normal way when the headset is
connected to your phone.
If your phone supports last number
redialing with the headset, press and
hold the volume up key when no call is
in progress.
If your phone supports voice dialing
with the headset, press and hold the
volume down key when no call in
progress, and proceed as described in
the user guide of your phone.