Nokia BH-205 Headphones User Manual

Unauthorized changes or modifications to
this device may void the user's authority to
operate the equipment.
Export Controls
This device may contain commodities,
technology or software subject to export
laws and regulations from the US and other
countries. Diversion contrary to law is
The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-205
allows you to make and receive calls
while on the move. You can use the
headset with compatible phones that
support Bluetooth wireless
Read this user guide carefully before
using the headset. Also read the user
guide for your phone, which provides
important safety and maintenance
information. Keep the headset out of
reach of small children.
Bluetooth wireless technology
Bluetooth wireless technology allows
you to connect compatible devices
without cables. A Bluetooth
connection does not require that the
phone and the headset be in line of
sight, but both devices should be
within 10 meters (30 feet) of each
other. Connections may be subject to
interference from obstructions, such
as walls, or other electronic devices.
The headset complies with the
Bluetooth Specification 2.0 that
supports the Headset Profile 1.1 and
Handsfree Profile 1.5. Check with the
manufacturers of other devices to
determine their compatibility with
this device.