Nokia BH-205 Headphones User Manual

from the device, as you may damage
the device.
1. Connect the charger to a wall
2. Connect the charger cable to the
charger connector on the headset.
The red indicator light is displayed
while charging. It may take a while
before charging starts. If charging
does not start, connect the charger
again, and retry. Charging the
battery fully may take up to
3. When the battery is fully charged,
the red indicator light turns off.
Disconnect the charger from the
headset and the wall outlet.
The fully charged battery has power
for up to 10 hours of talk time or up to
240 hours of standby time. However,
the talk and standby times may vary
when used with different mobile
phones or other compatible Bluetooth
devices, usage settings, usage styles,
and environments.
When battery power is low, the
indicator light flashes quickly and the
headset beeps every 20 seconds.
Switch the headset on or off
To switch on, press and hold the
multifunction key until the headset
beeps and the blue indicator light is
To switch off, press and hold the
multifunction key until the headset
beeps and the red indicator light is
displayed briefly.
Pair the headset
1. Switch on your phone and the
2. Press and hold the volume up (+)
key and the volume down (-) key at
the same time until the blue and
red indicator lights start to