JBL P R X 5 1 8 S Stereo Amplifier User Manual

The PRX500 series speakers covered by this manual are not intended for fixed installation and
high moisture environments. Moisture can damage the speaker cone and surround and cause
corrosion of electrical contacts and metal parts. Avoid exposing the speakers to direct moisture.
Keep speakers out of extended or intense direct sunlight. The driver suspension will
prematurely dry out and finished surfaces may be degraded by long-term exposure to intense
ultra-violet (UV) light. PRX500 series speakers can generate considerable energy. When placed
on a slippery surface such as polished wood or linoleum, the speaker may move due to its acoustical energy
output. Precautions should be taken to assure that the speaker does not fall off a stage or table on
which it is placed.
Stand Mounting Safety Precautions
Some PRX500 series models include a 36 mm receptacle cup to allow mounting on tripod stands or on a pole
over subwoofers. When using stands or poles, be sure to observe the following precautions:
• Check the stand or pole specification to be certain the device is designed to support the weight of the
speaker. Observe all safety precautions specified by the manufacturer.
• Always verify that the stand (or subwoofer/pole) is placed on a flat, level and stable surface and be
sure to fully extend the legs of tripod type stands. Position the stand so that the legs do not present a
trip hazard.
• Route cables so that performers, production crew, and audience will not trip and topple the speakers over.
• Inspect the stand (or pole and associated hardware)before each use and do not use equipment with
worn, damaged or missing parts.
• Do not attempt to place more than one PRX500 series speaker on a stand or pole.
• Always be cautious in windy, outdoor conditions. It may be necessary to place additional weight (i.e.
sandbags) on the base of the stand to improve stability. Avoid attaching banners or similar items to any
part of a speaker system. Such attachments could act as a sail and topple the system.
• Unless you are confident that you can handle the weight of the speaker, ask another person to help
you get it onto the tripod stand or pole.
Hearing Damage, Prolonged Exposure To Excessive SPL
PRX500 series loudspeakers are easily capable of generating sound pressure levels (SPL) sufficient to cause
permanent hearing damage to performers, production crew and audience members. Caution should be taken to
avoid prolonged exposure to SPL in excess of 90 dB.