JBL P R X 5 1 8 S Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Thank you for choosing the JBL PRX500 series self-powered PA loudspeakers. There are five models in the
series, four full-range systems and one subwoofer. All are powered by integrated digital power amplifiers
developed by Crown, the most trusted name in professional sound reinforcement power amplification. In addition
to Crown power amplifiers, the systems are equipped with sophisticated DSP for EQ, crossover, system control
and protection. Engineered and manufactured by JBL Professional with precision and care, your PRX500 series
speaker will provide you with many years of flawless performance. To ensure you are always receiving optimum
performance we encourage you to review this user’s guide completely before hooking up your new system.
In addition to the high performance light weight Crown amplifier, PRX500 series utilizes the latest in JBL
transducer technology. New 400 watt neodymium Differential Drive
transducers not only provide high sound
pressure levels with minimum distortion and power compression, but they are also incredibly light. Combined
together in highly engineered enclosures, PRX500 series speaker systems deliver the highest performance to
weight ratio in the class – portable PA that’s actually portable.
All PRX500 systems are built road tough; covered with JBL’s DuraFlex™, one of the most durable finishes ever
created for a speaker and protected by heavy-duty foam backed steel grilles. The foam backing not only looks
excellent but it stops direct liquid intrusion and it does not affect the acoustics. The larger systems have an extra
layer of protection from the road in the form of tough polypropylene end-caps. These are independent of the
acoustic enclosure so in the event of really tough knocks the speaker’s performance will not suffer.
Single Box On A Pole Coverage
The PRX512M features a dual angle pole socket this provides flexibility in aiming the speaker. As a guide line,
the speaker should be positioned so that the audience cannot see the top or bottom panels of the speaker. The
PRX515 and PRX535 also feature a pole mount of the ‘single’ socket variety. When using stands or poles, be
sure to observe the precautions as stated in the “Precautions” section of the manual.
Introduction to the PRX500 series
PRX518S PRX515 PRX525 PRX535