Jabra 2400 Headphones User Manual

wearing the headset with the neckband
A neckband wearing style is included with some Jabra BIZ 2400 models. Neckbands can be purchased as an
accessory for any mono Jabra BIZ 2400. To use it:
1. How to press the headset into the neckband ring.
The neckband can be assembled for wearing on either the left or right ear. Decide whether you would like to
wear your headset on your left or right ear and position the neckband ring appropriately. Hold the neckband
ring in one hand and the headset in the other. Align the headset against the outside of the neckband ring with
the headset cable pointing down. Gently press the headset into the neckband ring until it clicks into place.
2. How to attach the ear cushion.
Align the ear cushion against the neckband ear plate so that the groove in the ear cushion slips around the
ridge of the ear plate. Rotating the cushion will ensure it snaps securely into place (you can remove it as you
attach it).
3. How to position the neckband on the neckband ring.
Attach the neckband by sliding the left or right tip of the neckband through the loop in the neckband ring.
Note the small bump inside the neckband ring; this must align with the groove on the tip of the neckband.