Jabra 2400 Headphones User Manual

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2 cm
3. How to position the microphone.
Adjust the microphone by rotating it around the headset and exing the boom arm until it is positioned less
than 2 cm from the front of your mouth.
4. How to rotate the boom arm.
The boom is free to rotate 360
connecting the headset to a phone or computer
The headset features a Quick Disconnect (QD) connector, which enables you to use the headset with a variety of
telephones, computers and other sound sources by attaching any of the QD cords and adapters available from
GN Netcom A/S.
To connect your headset to a QD adapter, simply press its connector into the similar connector on your adapter.
Then connect the adapter to a telephone or computer and your headset is ready to use.
You can disconnect your headset at any time without terminating the current call (if any). To do so, hold the QD
adapter with your thumb and index nger and pull the connectors apart. Always pull on the connectors, never
on the cords.
For more information about QD adapters, please see the documentation that came with your adapter and/or go
to www.jabra.com.
care, cleaning and maintenance
- Avoid getting the headset wet and never submerge it in water.
- Avoid stretching, bending or twirling the wire; this will weaken the connectors and the wire itself and may
result in loss of audio.
- Do not block the microphone holes on either side of the boom arm. Advanced Jabra BIZ 2400 models
feature a small hole on both the inward and outward facing sides of the boom. This front-facing hole is a
noise-cancelling feature and does not allow extra noise into the microphone.
- You can clean the ear cushions or other parts of the headset by using a cleaning wipe designed for use with
electronic and plastic equipment. Allow to dry before replacing them. Suitable tissues are available from
GN Netcom A/S; contact your GN Netcom A/S representative for details. After extensive use, the ear cushion
may become worn. New ear cushions are available from GN Netcom A/S.