Jabra 2400 Headphones User Manual

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wearing the headset with the headband
All mono Jabra BIZ
2400 models include a headband attachment. To use it:
2 cm
1. How to wear the headband.
Place the headband over your head, with the headset positioned against your preferred ear and the T-bar
positioned just above the opposite ear. Adjust the headband for optimal t on your head.
2. How to position the microphone.
Adjust the microphone by rotating it around the headset and exing the boom arm until it is positioned less
than 2 cm from the front of your mouth.
3. How to rotate the boom arm.
The boom is free to rotate 360
4. How to attach the ear cushion.
Align the ear cushion with the headset ear plate so that the groove in the ear cushion slips around the ridge of
the headset ear plate. Rotating the cushion will ensure it snaps securely into place.