Harman-Kardon HKSB30BLK Speaker System User Manual

SB 30
Remote Control Functions
Volume Down
Volume Up
Surround Mode
Dolby Volume
Room Size
Source Selector
Mute button: Press this button to mute the system (the soundbar Power LED will flash
blue); press again to unmute the system.
Power button: When the soundbar is in the Standby mode (the soundbar Power LED is
amber), pressing the Power button will turn on the soundbar. When the soundbar is on
(the Power LED is blue), pressing the Power button will put it into the Standby mode.
Volume Down/Up buttons: Press the “–” button to decrease the volume; Press the “+”
button to increase the volume.
Surround Mode button: Pressing the Surround Mode button cycles the soundbar’s audio
output through the following three surround modes: Stereo > Virtual > HARMAN Wave >
Stereo, etc. The active surround mode is indicated by the soundbar Status LEDs (see
Soundbar Status LEDs, on page 5). See Surround Modes, on page 12, for information
about the surround modes.
Volume button: Pressing the Dolby Volume button cycles the Dolby Volume
setting among Off, Low and High. The active setting is indicated by the status LEDs (see
Soundbar Status LEDs, on page 5). See Dolby Volume, on page 13, for more information
about Dolby Volume.
Room Size button: The Room Size button lets you tailor the soundbar’s energy field in
the HARMAN Wave surround mode to match the size of your listening room. See Surround
Modes: HARMAN Wave, on page 12, for more information.
Source Selector button: Pressing the Source Selector button changes the active input
source among the Optical Digital, Coaxial Digital and Analog input connectors. The active
input source is indicated by the status LEDs (see Soundbar Status LEDs, on page 5).
Place the Soundbar and Subwoofer
Placing the Soundbar on a Table
If your TV is placed on a table, you can place the soundbar on the table directly in front of
the TV stand, centered with the TV screen. Attach the supplied rubber feet to the soundbar
as shown in the illustration and set the soundbar’s EQ switch in the “Table” position.
As long as the table’s surface is flat, the soundbar will rest on the rubber feet.
Wall-Mounting the Soundbar
If your TV is attached to a wall, you can use the included wall-mount brackets to mount
the soundbar on the wall directly below the TV screen.
1. Determine the location for the soundbar on the wall. Make sure that the top of the
soundbar will not block your view of the TV screen when it is mounted on the wall.
2. Mark the locations of the soundbar wall-mount bracket holes on the wall. The holes
for the left and right brackets are spaced 830mm apart and are designed to accept
#8 screws. The top and bottom holes for each bracket are spaced 25mm apart. See
the illustration below.
NOTE: To ensure that the soundbar will be level, use a carpenter’s level, laser sight or
other device to ensure that the two sets of holes are at exactly the same height.
3. Attach the two wall-mount brackets to the wall at the locations you marked, using
hardware that is appropriate for the wall’s construction and materials. Note that
the soundbar weighs 8.4 lb (3.8kg). Be sure to use hardware that can support this
4. Set the soundbar’s EQ switch in the “Wall” position.
Remote Control Functions and Placing the Soundbar and Subwoofer