Harman-Kardon HKSB30BLK Speaker System User Manual

SB 30
Introduction, Description and Features, and Included Items
Thank you for purchasing the Harman Kardon SB 30 multichannel active soundbar
speaker system, with which you’re about to begin many years of listening enjoyment. The
SB 30 has been custom-designed to create an extraordinarily realistic cinema experience
in your own living room.
While extremely sophisticated electronics and state-of-the-art speaker components are
hard at work within the SB 30, connecting, setting up and operating the system is simple.
To obtain maximum enjoyment from your new speaker system, we urge you to take a
few minutes to read through this manual. It will help ensure that the connections you
make are correct. In addition, a few minutes spent learning the functions of the various
controls will enable you to take advantage of all the power and refinement the SB 30 is
able to deliver.
If you have any questions about this product, its installation or its operation, please
contact your retailer or custom installer, or visit our Web site at www.harmankardon.com.
Description and Features
The SB 30 is a complete home theater speaker system that includes:
• A video-shielded soundbar speaker (the SB 30 CNTR) that features 13 speaker
elements, 11 amplifier channels and a triple-core digital signal processor.
• An 8-inch (200mm), 100-watt wireless powered subwoofer (the SB 30 SUB).
• An IR remote control.
• Wall-mount brackets for the soundbar.
• An optical digital audio cable for connecting the system directly to your cable/
satellite tuner or disc player.
• A 6-1/2-foot (2m) stereo audio cable for connecting the system directly to your TV’s
audio output.
• A 3-foor (1.8m) AC power cord for the SB 30 CNTR soundbar.
The SB 30 CNTR soundbar contains six 2-inch woofers and seven 1-inch tweeters,
powered by four 40-watt amplifiers and seven 10-watt amplifiers. It features a powerful
triple-core DSP (digital signal processor) with two HARMAN-exclusive surround modes
(Virtual and HARMAN Wave – patent pending) that utilize different combinations of the
soundbar’s 13 transducers and 11 amplifier channels to create an astonishingly realistic
surround-sound experience in any size room and for listeners at any position in the room,
without needing any extra speakers or wires.
You can set the soundbar on a table in front of your TV, or, if you have a wall-mounted
flat-panel TV, you can use the supplied brackets to mount the soundbar on the wall along
with your flat-panel TV.
The SB 30 SUB subwoofer receives its signal from the SB 30 CNTR soundbar via wireless
technology, so you can place it anywhere in your room without having to run any wires
between it and the soundbar. Its 8-inch (200mm) woofer and built-in 100-watt amplifier
deliver the impact and excitement from your favorite movies and video games. Other
conveniences include a volume control, a phase switch for fine-tuning bass performance
to suit your listening environment, and an efficient switching system that senses the
presence of an audio signal and automatically switches the subwoofer on.
Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon invented the high-fidelity receiver more than 50
years ago. With state-of-the-art features and time-honored circuit designs, the SB 30
system will turn your flat-panel TV into a fun and exciting home theater.
Included Items
Carefully unpack your soundbar speaker system and confirm that all the items shown
here are included.
6.5-ft. (2m)
Stereo Audio Cable
5-ft. (1.5m) Optical
Digital Audio Cable
AC Power Cord *
(for Soundbar)
* Power cord varies by region.
IMPORTANT: If anything is missing, or if any part of your SB 30 system fails to operate
properly, contact your dealer immediately.