Clarion Compact Discs CD Player User Manual

Handling Compact Discs
Use only compact discs bearing the or mark.
Do not play heart-shaped, octagonal, or other specially shaped
compact discs.
Some CDs recorded in CD-R/CD-RW mode may not be usable.
Compared to ordinary music CDs, CD-R and CD-RW discs are
both easily affected by high temperature and humidity and
some of CD-R and CD-RW discs may not be played. Therefore,
do not leave them for a long time in the car.
New discs may have some roughness around the edges. If such
discs are used, the player may not work or the sound may skip.
Use a ball-point pen or the like to remove any roughness from
the edge of the disc.
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Ball-point pen
Never stick labels on the surface of the compact disc or mark
the surface with a pencil or pen.
Never play a compact disc with any cellophane tape or other
glue on it or with peeling off marks. If you try to play such a
compact disc, you may not be able to get it back out of the CD
player or it may damage the CD player.
Do not use compact discs that have large scratches, are
misshapen, cracked, etc. Use of such discs may cause
misoperation or damage.
To remove a compact disc from its storage case, press down on
the center of the case and lift the disc out, holding it carefully by
the edges.
Do not use commercially available CD protection sheets or
discs equipped with stabilizers, etc. These may damage the disc
or cause breakdown of the internal mechanism.
Do not expose compact discs to direct sunlight or any heat
Do not expose compact discs to excess humidity or dust.
Do not expose compact discs to direct heat from heaters.
To remove fingermarks and dust, use a soft cloth and wipe in a
straight line from the center of the compact disc to the circum-
Do not use any solvents, such as commercially available
cleaners, anti-static spray, or thinner to clean compact discs.
After using special compact disc cleaner, let the compact disc
dry off well before playing it.