Atlantic Technology AT-1 Speaker User Manual

AT-1 High Performance Loudspeaker with H-PAS™ Technology
Table of Contents
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AT- 1
High Performance Loudspeaker with
H-PAS™ Technology
Thank you for choosing Atlantic Technology products. Your new speaker has
been precision-crafted to give you years of enjoyable, trouble-free service.
This manual covers the Atlantic Technology AT-1 speaker. It will show you
how to incorporate these speakers into your present setup, as well as how
to assemble a complete music or home theater system from them. The AT-1
can be used with all current and past sound formats including Stereo, all
Dolby and DTS formats, DVD-Audio and SACD Audio.
The Model AT-1 is a 2-way system of extraordinarily high performance
intended for use in a top-quality music or home theater system. Its patent-
pending H-PAS™ bass technology enables the AT-1 to deliver powerful low
bass performance (-3 dB @ 29 Hz) not previously achievable with compa-
rably-sized drivers in similar-sized enclosures.
Each speaker contains two GLH (Graphite Loaded Homopolymer) 5 ¼"
(135mm) woofers and an advanced 1
8" (28mm) ferrofluid-cooled, Low
Resonance silk dome tweeter with an integral back chamber/heatsink. The
drivers are configured in an M-T-M array (midrange-tweeter-midrange
alignment). This vertical arrangement of drivers provides wide left-to-right
coverage of sound while limiting the floor and ceiling reflections that can
color the sound. These components are mounted in an acoustically inert
MDF enclosure, with special proprietary internal bracing, called CDFF™
(Cross Design Free Flow). This bracing makes the enclosure extremely
rigid, while perfectly maintaining the internal airflow that is critical to its
Although it may seem like asking for driving directions,
please take a few moments to read all of this booklet. It has many
helpful tips and ideas on properly setting up and using your system.
We promise that if you take the time to read and follow these tips
you’ll get better system performance and more enjoyment.
Table of Contents
2 Introduction
3 Unpacking the Speakers
3 Attaching the Feet
3 Attaching the Grilles
3 Glass Tops
4 Placement
4 Using the AT-1 in a 2-channel Music System
4 Using the AT-1 in a Home Theater System
6 Connecting Your Speakers
6 Conventional Connection
6 Bi-amp Connection
6 Wire Management System
7 System Wiring
8 High Frequency Energy Control
9 Caring for Your Speakers
9 Specifications
For Future Reference
Record the serial number and date of purchase for each speaker here. The serial number
is found on the speaker terminal panel on the back of the enclosure.
Serial Number
Serial Number
Date of Purchase