Amplifier Tech AT1800 Series Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Page 6
Making Rear Panel Connections
When connecting the amplifier to your source equipment,
match the output channel designations on the rear of your
source equipment to the input jacks on the rear panel of your
amplifier that have the same channel name.
Correct polarity connections are
important to maintain proper
speaker phasing. When making
connections to the amp and
speakers, adhere to a consistent
pattern of using one side of the
wire to the red terminals and the
other side to the black terminals.
NOTE: The picture here is an
AT1807 seven-channel model.
Other models ranging from two to
six channels will only have two to
six sets of audio inputs and speaker
outputs and will only hook up to two
to six speakers correspondingly.
NOTE: This diagram shows the back
of the amplifier, preamplifier and
all speakers. Therefore, the right
speakers are on the left side of the
diagram, and the left speakers are
on the right side of the diagram.
Center S
Right Rear Speaker
Right Surround Speaker
ATI ATP7500 Preamplifier/Proces
Right Front Speaker