Amplifier Tech AT1800 Series Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Page 4
Getting to Know the Rear Panel
A Audio Inputs
Use the INPUT jacks to connect to the outputs of a
preamplifier, receiver with preout connections, CD player,
or other control devices.
B Remote Trigger Input
Use the REMOTE TRIGGER jack to connect to a compatible
preamplifier, source device, or other product with a
3.3-24VDC output.
C Product Serial Number
Write this number in the space provided on page 10 for
future reference.
D Speaker Outputs
Use the OUTPUT binding posts to connect the amplifier to
your speakers; red for positive, black for negative.
E AC Input
Use the included power cord to connect your amplifier to
an AC power source.
F Master Power Switch
Turns the current to the amplifier on or off.
NOTE: The picture below is an AT1807 seven-channel model.
Other models ranging from two to six channels will only
have two to six sets of audio inputs and speaker outputs.