American Audio TTD-2500 Turntable User Manual

1. Push the power button (4) to turn on the power, the speed indicator (8) and the strobe-illuminator will light up.
2. Place a record on the slipmat. When playing a 45-rpm record with a large center hole, place the 45-rpm adapter (1)
on the center spindle.
3. Set the speed (10) to match the record.
4. Remove the stylus protector, release the arm clamp.
5. Set the cueing lever to the up position.
6. Press the Start/Stop button (5), the turntable platter will start to rotate.
7. Move the tonearm (13) over the desired groove.
8. Set the cueing lever to the down position, the tonearm will descend slowly onto the record and begin playing.
9. When play is finished, raise the cueing lever, move the tonearm with arm clasp.
10.Press the Start/Stop Button (5) to stop the platter from rotating. Push the Power Button (4) to turn off the power.
SUSPEND PLAY - Set the cueing lever to “UP” position during play, the stylus tip of the cartridge will be lifted
from the record.
TARGET LIGHT - This unit provides a target light (7) for illuminating the stylus tip during play. After pushing the
target light button, the target light will be raised into position for illuminating the stylus tip. When not in use, keep
the target light lowered.
Changing the Speed
As long as the pitch control (12) is in center click position, the turntable is operated at quartz controlled rated speed.
The LED display (8) to the left of the Pitch Control Slider (12) will be lit up green.
The speed can be increased or decreased by 10% by the Pitch Control Slider (12). When the slider is moved the LED
(8) will then turn red. If the change of speed does not correspond to the pitch control change, it is possible to correct
with the Trim Control (18). Place a screw driver in the hole where the Trim Control (18) is located. Move the screw
driver left for slower and right for faster (approx. +/-2%).
An incorrect adjustment done on purpose can also be used to have the turntable rotate extremely slow or fast.
The strobe dots (5) at the edge of the turntable are used for speed monitoring.
Remote Control Start/Stop (21)
The Start/Stop function can remotely be controlled by a separate switch via a mixing console with a “Fader Start”
function. Activated the “Fader Start” on the mixing console and the turntable automatically begins Start/Stop.
Future American DJ mixers will be equipped with the “Fader Start” function. (1/4” connection)
Beat Indicator (22)
The Beat output sends a mono pulse signal and may be used with a separate beat analyzer. (RCA connection)
Clean the stylus periodically with a soft brush to prevent the accumulation of dust.
When sound becomes distorted or noisy, check the stylus. If the stylus is worn out, replace it with a new one.
From time to time, the dust cover and turntable cabinet should be wiped down with a soft, dry cloth.
Volatile materials should not be used, such as: alcohol, thinner, benzine etc. They may remove the paint or
damage the luster.
Power Supply: AC 115V/60Hz, or 230V/50Hz
Power Consumption: 20W
Dimensions (WxDxH): 17.5” x 13 5/8” x 3.5 (6” high with dust cover) /
450mm x 350mm x 148mm
Weight: 18 lbs./8kg.
User Instructions
Specifications subject to change without notice. TTB-2500 User Instructions page 4
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