American Audio TTD-2500 Turntable User Manual

TTB-2500 User Instructions page 2
User Instructions
Thank you for purchasing this American DJ® product. The TTB-2500 requires
some assembly. Please read the following instructions before installing or
using your new unit. The TTD-2500 has a 2 year limited warranty!
CAUTION! - Keep this device away from rain and moisture!
Name of Parts
1. 45-rpm Adapter
2. Turntable Platter
3. Center Spindle
4. Power Switch
5. Start/Stop Button
6. Strobe Dots
7. Target Light
8. LED display for speed indication
Green LED: pitch control (11)
is in center click position and the
speed is quartz-controlled.
Red LED: pitch control (11) is not in
center position.
9. Headshell
10. Speed Select Buttons
11. Pitch Adjustment (+/-10%)
12. Pitch Control Slider
13. Tonearm
14. Anti-skate Knob
15. Counterweight
16. Spare phono cartridge slot
17. Hinge for dust cover
18. Trim control for changing the
range of the pitch adjustment (11, 12).
19. Right RCA output jack (red)
20. Left RCA output jack (white)
21. Ground (GND)
22. Remote Start/Stop 1/4” output
23. Beat output for Beat Analyser
Before Use
Check for the following parts included
in the package with the main unit.
• Turntable Platter • Slip mat
• Dust Cover • 45-rpm adapter
• Counterweight • Headshell
• User instructions
Do not connect the AC power plug before assembly has
been completed.
Before turning the power on, make sure once again all the
connections and power voltage settings are correct.
Always turn off the power when connecting or disconnecting.
Read this manual carefully before using the unit. Be sure to
store the manual in a safe place for future reference.
Warranty & Service
The TTB-2500 has a 2 year limited
warranty. Mail in warranty card as
soon as possible.
For service, contact your local
American DJ® Dealer.