American Audio TTD-2500 Turntable User Manual

User Instructions
TTB-2500 User Instructions page 3
1. Remove the main unit with the packing from the box and take off the packing.
2. Set the 45-rpm adapter on the main unit.
3. Inset the turntable platter onto the center spindle.
4. Set the slip mat on the platter.
5. Installation of cartridge: When installing a cartridge, refer to the operating instructions of that cartridge.
During installation, attach the stylus protector to guard the stylus tip from damage.
(a) Connect the lead wires to the cartridge terminals. The terminals of most cartridges are color coded. Connect
each lead wire to the terminal of the same color.
WHITE (L+)..............Left channel+ BLUE (L-)..............Left channel-
RED (R+)..............Right channel+ Green (R-)..............Right channel-
(b) Install the cartridge to the headshell and tighten it with screws provided with the cartridge.
6. Inset the headshell into the front end of the tonearm, then turn the lock nut counterclockwise with the headshell
firmly held horizontally.
7. Slide counterweight onto tonearm. Twist it lightly and it will screw onto the rear shaft of the tonearm.
8. Adjustment of horizontal zero (0) balance and stylus pressure:
(a) Remove the stylus protector, do not touch the stylus tip during the adjustment.
(b) Set the cueing lever to the lower position.
(c) Release the arm clamp and lift the tonearm from the arm rest to free it.
(d) Rotate the counterweight until the tonearm is approximately balanced horizontally (floats freely).
(e) Refasten the tonearm with the arm clamp.
(f) Hold the counterweight stationary with one hand and rotate only the stylus-pressure ring to bring the number
“o” of the ring into alignment with he center line on the tonearm rear shaft.
(g) Rotate the counterweight counterclockwise until the scale shows the value corresponding to the pressure of the
used stylus. The stylus pressure of the installed pick-up system is 2g. Should you use a separate pick-up
system, please follow the manufacturer’s instruments.
9. Set the anti-skating control knob to the same value as the stylus pressure.
10. Install the dust cover to the main unit.
Do not place the unit in a location where it will be exposed to direct sunlight or near a heating appliance.
Do not place the unit in a location where there is high humidity or a lot of dust.
Cartridge may pick up slight sound pressure or vibrations of the speakers coming along the floor or though the air
resulting in howling. Find a location which is very stable and vibration free.
The legs have functions for adjusting the height of the unit itself. Adjust the legs to stabilize the main body
1. Connect the power cord to the auxiliary power outlet on the rear panel of your amplifier or receiver or to a household
AC outlet.
2. Connect the unit output terminals to the the PHONO jack of your American DJ Mixer or receiver.
Output terminals Mixer (Receiver)
L (White) (18) ---------------------------->L Channel
R (Red) (19) -----------------------------> R Channel
GND (Spade) (21) ---------------------> Ground
NOTE: Be sure to connect the ground terminals firmly to the Mixer or receiver. If this connection is not made or is
loose, a power source “HUM” will result.