Yamaha AD8HR AD Stereo System User Manual

Thank you for choosing the Yamaha AD8HR AD converter with remote microphone
The AD8HR is an eight-channel AD converter equipped with remote microphone
preamps that feature 96kHz, 24-bit linear AD conversion, 128-times oversampling,
and a dynamic range of 110dB. Its input section features balanced XLR connectors,
high-quality mic preamps, +48V phantom power, and support for both mic and line-
level inputs. The output section supports the AES/EBU format and features a high
sampling frequency of 88.2/96kHz. You can easily adjust the gain for each channel
(in 1dB steps) and set up the high pass filter from the front panel. These settings are
stored in the unit’s backup memory, and are retained even after the power is turned
off. In addition, a special protocol enables you to remotely control the unit from a
connected computer or other device.
Please read this manual thoroughly before using the unit to take the greatest
advantage of the AD8HR’s extensive features for the longest period of time. After you
read this manual, please keep it in a safe place.
Owner’s Manual