Yamaha HS7 Speaker User Manual

HS8/HS7/HS5/HS8S Owner’s Manual
Always follow the basic precautions listed below to avoid the possibility of physical injury to you or
others, or damage to the device or other property. These precautions include, but are not limited to, the
When removing the electric plug from the device or an outlet,
always hold the plug itself and not the cord. Pulling by the
cord can damage it.
Remove the electric plug from the outlet when the device is
not to be used for extended periods of time, or during
electrical storms.
Do not place the device in an unstable position where it might
accidentally fall over.
Do not use the device in a confined, poorly-ventilated location.
Make sure that there is adequate space between the device
and surrounding walls or other devices: at least 20 cm at the
sides, 20 cm behind and 20 cm above. Inadequate ventilation
can result in overheating, possibly causing damage to the
device(s), or even fire.
Do not press the rear panel of the device against the wall.
Doing so may cause the plug to come in contact with the wall
and detach from the power cord, resulting in short circuiting,
malfunction, or even fire.
Do not place the device in a location where it may come into
contact with corrosive gases or salt air. Doing so may result in
Before moving the device, remove all connected cables.
When setting up the device, make sure that the AC outlet you
are using is easily accessible. If some trouble or malfunction
occurs, immediately turn off the power switch and disconnect
the plug from the outlet. Even when the power switch is turned
off, electricity is still flowing to the product at the minimum
level. When you are not using the product for a long time,
make sure to unplug the power cord from the wall AC outlet.
Before connecting the device to other devices, turn off the
power for all devices. Before turning the power on or off for all
devices, set all volume levels to minimum.
Remove the power plug from the AC outlet when cleaning the
Do not insert your fingers or hands in any gaps or openings on
the device (ports).
Avoid inserting or dropping foreign objects (paper, plastic,
metal, etc.) into any gaps or openings on the device (ports) If
this happens, turn off the power immediately and unplug the
power cord from the AC outlet. Then have the device
inspected by qualified Yamaha service personnel.
Do not rest your weight on the device or place heavy objects
on it, and avoid use excessive force on the buttons, switches
or connectors.
Do not use speakers for a long period of time at a high or
uncomfortable volume level, since this can cause permanent
hearing loss. If you experience any hearing loss or ringing in
the ears, consult a physician.
Do not operate the device if the sound is distorting. Prolonged
use in this condition could cause overheating and result in fire.
Always turn the power off when the device is not in use.
Power supply/Power cord
Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by
improper use or modifications to the device, or data that is
lost or destroyed.
Handling caution
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