Sony STR-DE497 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Operations Using the Remote RM-U306B
model name1[STR-DE497]
When you press the input buttons (VIDEO 1, VIDEO
2, DVD), the input mode of the TV might not switch
to the corresponding input mode that you want. In
this case, press the TV/VIDEO button to switch the
input mode of the TV.
Some functions explained in this section may not
work depending on the model of the receiver.
The above explanation is intended to serve as an
example only. Therefore, depending on the
component the above operation may not be possible
or may operate differently than described.
If the factory settings of the input buttons do not
match your system components, you can change
them. For example, if you have a tape deck and
you do not have an MD deck, you can assign the
MD/TAPE button to your tape deck.
Note that the settings of the TUNER button
cannot be changed.
Hold down the input button whose input
you want to change (for example, MD/
Press the corresponding button of the
component you want to assign to the
input button (for example, 4 – Tape deck).
The following buttons are assigned to select
the input:
*Sony VCRs are operated with a VTR 1, 2 or 3
setting. These correspond to Beta, 8mm and
VHS respectively.
Now you can use the MD/TAPE button to
control the tape deck.
To reset a button to its factory
Repeat the above procedure.
To reset all the input buttons to
their factory setting
Press ?/1, AV ?/1 and MASTER VOL – at the
same time.
Operations Function
O wh DVD player Returns to the previous
menu or exits the menu.
DVD player Selects a menu item.
Changing the factory
setting of an input button
To operate Press
CD player 1
DAT deck 2
MD deck 3
Tape deck A 4
Tape deck B 5
LD player 6
VCR (command mode VTR 1*) 7
VCR (command mode VTR 2*) 8
VCR (command mode VTR 3*) 9
TV 0
DSS (Digital Satellite Receiver) >10
DVD player ENTER
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