Sennheiser 523983/A01 Headphones User Manual

The operating time with batteries/rechargeable batteries
is approx. 60 hours.
With NoiseGard™ switched on (see page 10), the LED ·
provides information on the remaining battery/
rechargeable battery capacity.
LED · lights up yellow: The battery capacity is
LED · lights up red: The batteries are flat.
Replace the batteries.
Activating the “auto shut-off” function
The battery-saving “auto shut-off” function automatical-
ly switches the NoiseGard™ electronics off when the
headset is disconnected from the audio system or when
the aircraft avionics are switched off. The headset is de-
livered ex-works with the function deactivated. You can
activate “auto shut-off” as follows:
̈ Set the switch to the position ASO.