Nokia BH-900 Headphones User Manual

Basic use
3. Basic use
Put the headset on the ear
Place the headset over your ear in a
comfortable position, and point it toward
your mouth as shown in the figure.
Sliding boom
The sliding boom brings the microphone
closer to your mouth, which improves the audio quality even when you
talk at a lower volume or in a noisy environment. You can use the boom
to answer, end, or reject a call.
To use the boom, gently pull it down toward your mouth (1), or push it
up to its initial position (2).
Call handling
To make a call, use your phone in the normal way when the headset is
connected to your phone.
If your phone supports redialing, press the answer/end key twice briefly
when no call is in progress.
If your phone supports voice dialing, press and hold the answer/end key
when no call is in progress, and proceed as described in the user guide of
your phone.
To answer a call, pull the boom down toward your mouth, press the
answer/end key, or use the phone keys. If the automatic answer function