Kenwood KRC-366L Cassette Player User Manual

Function of the KRC-466R
Tuner features
The faceplate of the unit can be detached and taken with you,
helping to deter theft.
Removing the Faceplate
Press the Release button.
The faceplate is unlocked, allowing you to detach it.
The faceplate is a precision piece of equipment and can be
damaged by shocks or jolts. For that reason, keep the faceplate in
its special storage case while detached.
Do not expose the faceplate or its storage case to direct sunlight
or excessive heat or humidity. Also avoid places with too much
dust or the possibility of water splashing.
Reattaching the Faceplate
1 Align the projections on the unit with the grooves on the
2 Push the faceplate in until it clicks.
The faceplate is locked in place, allowing you to use the unit.
Theft Deterrent Faceplate
General features
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#1 – 6
ST indicator
Frequency display
Preset station number
Band display
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