Kenwood KRC-366L Cassette Player User Manual

It takes 3 to 4 minutes to synchronize the clock.
Function of the KRC-466R
It switches automatically when a news bulletin starts even if the
radio isn't being listened to. Also, the time interval when
interrupt is prohibited can be set.
Display and Setting
"NEWS 00M"
"NEWS 90M"
When "NEWS 00M" — "NEWS 90M" is set, the News Bulletin
Interrupt function is ON.
News Bulletin with Timeout Setting
Selecting the button illumination color as green or red.
Display Setting
"COL GRN" The illumination color is green.
"COL RED" The illumination color is red.
Selectable Illumination
A red indicator will blink on the unit after the faceplate is
removed, warning potential thieves.
Display Setting
"DSI ON" LED flashes.
DSI (Disabled System Indicator)
Function of the KRC-466R
Synchronizing the RDS station time data and this unit's clock.
Display Setting
"SYNC ON" Synchronizes the time.
"SYNC OFF" Adjust the time manually.
Synchronize Clock
This adjustment can be done when the <Synchronize Clock> (page
20) is set as OFF.
1 Select Clock Adjustment mode
Press the [FM] or [AM] button.
Select the "CLK ADJ" display.
2 Enter Clock Adjust mode
Press the [4] or [¢] button for at least 2 seconds.
The clock display blinks.
3 Adjust the hours
Press the [FM] or [AM] button.
Adjust the minutes
Press the [4] or [¢] button.
4 Exit Clock adjustment mode
Press the [MENU] button.
Manual Clock Adjustment
Setting the operation check sound (beep sound) ON/OFF.
Display Setting
"BEEP ON" Beep is heard.
"BEEP OFF" Beep canceled.
Touch Sensor Tone
Menu system
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