JBL P180.2 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Symptom Likely Cause Solution
No Audio Short circuit in speaker or speaker wire. Disconnect speaker leads one at a time to determine
(Red LED flashes every four seconds) which speaker or wire is shorted or defective.
Repair the short circuit or replace bad speaker.
No Audio No voltage at BATT or REM terminals. Check voltage at amplifier terminals with VOM.
(Power indicator is off) Bad or no ground connection.
No Audio Amplifier overheated. Make sure amplifier cooling isn’t prevented by mounting location,
(Green power LED is lit) make sure speaker-system impedance is within limit (see Specifications).
No Audio Excessive voltage on B (+) connection. Check vehicle charging system for defective voltage regulator.
(Red LED stays lit)
Distorted Audio Input sensitivity not set properly; Check LEVEL setting.
amplifier or source unit defective.
Music lacks “punch” Speakers are not connected properly. Check speaker connections for proper polarity.
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