JBL P180.2 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Before drilling or cutting holes, use a
utility knife to remove unwanted fabric
or vinyl to keep material from snagging
in a drill bit.
When routing cables, keep input-signal
cables away from power cables and
speaker wires.
When making connections, make
certain they are secure and properly
If the amplifier’s fuse must be replaced,
use only the same type and rating as
that of the original. Do not substitute
another kind.
Installation Warnings and Tips
Always wear protective eyewear when
using tools.
Turn off all audio systems and other
electrical devices before you start.
Disconnect the (–) negative lead from
your vehicle’s battery.
Check clearances on both sides of a
planned mounting surface before
drilling any holes or installing any
screws. Remember that the screws can
extend behind the surface.
At the installation sites, locate and
make a note of all fuel lines, hydraulic
brake lines, vacuum lines and electrical
wiring. Use extreme caution when
cutting or drilling in and around these
Thank you for purchasing a JBL Power
Series™ amplifier. In order that we may
better serve you should you require
warranty service for your new amplifier,
please retain your original purchase
receipt and return the enclosed warranty
registration card.
Warning: Playing loud music in an auto-
mobile can permanently damage your
hearing as well as hinder your ability to
hear traffic. We recommend listening at
low levels while driving your car. JBL
accepts no liability for hearing loss, bodily
injury or property damage resulting from
use or misuse of this product.
Important: Installation of automotive
stereo components can require extensive
experience in performing a variety of
mechanical and electrical procedures.
Although these instructions explain, in a
general sense, how to install Power
Series amplifiers, they may not show
the exact installation methods for your
particular vehicle. If you feel you lack the
necessary tools or experience, ask your
authorized JBL car-audio dealer about
professional installation options.
Choosing a Location and
Mounting the Amplifier
Amplifiers need air to stay cool. Suitable
locations are under a seat (provided the
amplifier doesn’t interfere with the seat
adjustment mechanism), in the trunk or
in any other location which provides
enough air for the amp to cool itself. Do
not mount the amplifier with the heat
sink facing downward, as this makes
convection cooling of the amplifier
Mount the amplifier so that it is not
damaged by the feet of back-seat pas-
sengers or shifting cargo in the trunk.
Mount the amplifier so that it remains
dry – never mount an amplifier outside
the car or in the engine compartment.
Using the amplifier as a template, mark
the location of the mounting holes on
the mounting surface, drill pilot holes,
and attach the amplifier to the mounting
surface with screws. Make sure the
amplifier is mounted securely.
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