JBL GTO-1001EZ Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Power Connection
1. Connect a wire (minimum 6AWG – 13.2mm
– for the GTO-1001EZ; minimum 8AWG – 8.4mm
–for the
GTO-751EZ and GTO-501EZ) directly to the battery’s positive (+) terminal.
2. Install a fuse holder for a 120A fuse (GTO-1001EZ), 80A fuse (GTO-751EZ) or 50A Fuse (GTO-501EZ) on this wire
within 18" (46cm) of the battery’s (+) terminal. Do not install the fuse in the holder at this time.
3. Route this wire to the amplifier’s location and connect it to the amplifier’s +12V terminal. Be sure to use
appropriate grommets whenever routing wires through the firewall or other sheet metal. IMPORTANT: Failure to
adequately protect the positive wire from potential damage may result in a vehicle fire.
4. When you are finished routing and connecting this wire, install the appropriate fuse in the holder you installed near
the battery. (GTO-1001EZ = 120A fuse; GTO-751EZ = 80A fuse; GTO-501EZ = 50A fuse.)
Connect the subwoofer to the amplifier’s Sub (+) and (–) terminals.
Subwoofer Amplifier
Always connect the (+) terminal on the amplifier to the (+) terminal on the subwoofer and the (–) terminal on the
amplifier to the (–) terminal on the subwoofer.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the (+) and (–) bare wires do not touch each other or the other terminal at both the amplifier
terminals and subwoofer terminals. Touching wires can cause a short circuit that can damage the amplifier.
NOTE: The minimum subwoofer impedance is 2 ohms.