JBL GTO-1001EZ Stereo Amplifier User Manual

why yOu shOuld Pay aTTenTiOn TO This Owner’s Manual
The performance of your vehicle’s audio system depends as much on quality installation and setup as it does on
quality gear. Of course, these new JBL
GTO subwoofer amplifiers are bulletproof performers that are built using the
highest quality components, and will outperform any competing product on the test bench. To make sure you extract
all the performance possible from your new amp, whether you install it yourself or have a professional install it for you,
we’ve incorporated some new features that make setup simple and precise and ensure you get all the power and
performance you’ve paid for.
All amplifiers include some signal processing functions, level setting controls and other switches and connectors that
make it possible to hook the amp up to just about any existing system. However, with many amplifiers, considerable
technical expertise is required to make the best use of those connectors, switches and controls to get powerful noise-
free sound. JBL GTO subwoofer amplifiers include Simple Setup designed to make it easy for you to get all the noise-
free power your amp is capable of delivering.
GTO Amplifiers include adapters for connecting almost any analog signal and feature built-in Gain Indicator LEDs and
a setup CD that makes precision adjustment simple, no matter your level of experience. The setup of GTO amplifiers is
a little different than amplifiers you may have installed in the past, so please read this owner’s manual before you
begin. If you’re an experienced installer, skipping ahead is OK, but please don’t skip Setup Procedure, on
page 6.
So we can better serve you should you require warranty service, please retain your original sales receipt and register
your GTO-1001EZ or GTO-751EZ or GTO-501EZ online at www.jbl.com.
included iTeMs
The following items are included in the packaging. If any of these items are missing, please contact your authorized
JBL dealer, or JBL customer service at www.jbl.com.
Setup CD
GTO Subwoofer
Bare Wire-to-RCA
Adapters (2)
lOcaTiOn and MOunTinG
IMPORTANT: Disconnect the vehicle’s negative (–) battery terminal before beginning the installation.
• Always wear protective eyewear when using tools.
• Check clearances on both sides of a planned mounting surface. Be sure that screws or wires will not puncture
brake lines, fuel lines or wiring harnesses, and that wire routing will not interfere with the safe operation of the
• When making electrical connections, make sure they are secure and properly insulated.
• If you must replace any of the amplifier’s fuses, be sure to use the same type of fuse and current rating as that of
the original.
Amplifiers need air circulation to stay cool. Select a location that provides enough air for the amp to cool itself.
• Suitable locations are under a seat (provided the amplifier doesn’t interfere with the seat adjustment mechanism),
in the trunk, or in any other location that provides enough cooling air.
• Do not mount the amplifier with the heatsink facing downward, as this interferes with the amplifier’s convection
• Mount the amplifier so that it will not be damaged by the feet of backseat passengers or shifting cargo in the trunk.
• Mount the amplifier so that it remains dry – never mount an amplifier outside the car or in the engine compartment.