Harman-Kardon CDR 2 CD Player User Manual

CD Recording
Notes on Dubbing:
If you wish to make a dub with the tracks in
a different order from the original disc, omit
tracks on a disc, or make a dub that mixes
tracks from different discs, create a Program-
Playback List before pressing the Select
button j* to start the dub. Instructions
for creating a Program List may be found on
page 18. NOTE: Dubs containing Program
Lists may only be made at the 1x speed. If
you attempt to make a Programmed Dub at
the 2x or 4x speed, the unit will automatically
select the 1x speed.
The Pause buttons do not operate while a
dub is in progress.
Tracks will be added automatically to mirror
the track structure of the original disc.
The Total Time indication of the recorded CD
may vary slightly from the original due to vari-
ations in the spin speed of each drive, but this
is normal. No information has been lost in the
recording process.
If the original disc being dubbed is a digital
copy or if it contains copy-prohibit signals, the
unit will automatically make a copy using an
analog output from the disc.
CD Sync Recording
CD Sync recording allows you to make an auto-
matic digital recording from an external CD
player, DAT or MD. During CD Sync Recording,
the record unit starts in sync with the source,
and tracks are added automatically.
To make a CD Sync recording, first select the
appropriate digital input by pressing the Input
button v until the desired COAX or
OPTICAL indication appears in the Record
Deck Information Display K. CD Sync
recordings may not be made from an analog
Next, make certain that there is a fresh disc in
the Record Drawer for the recording. Press the
CD Sync button w9 and note that the
Sync Indicator I will light and the Record
Indicator T will flash. Select the type of
recording to be made:
To record only the first track from the source
player, press the CD Sync Button so that
1 TRK appears in the Record Deck
Information Display K.
To record the entire disc or tape, press the CD
Sync Button so that ALL appears in the
Record Deck Information Display K.
When the desired mode has been selected,
start the playback from the source machine.The
CDR 2 will automatically recognize the incom-
ing digital data and begin recording. If the
source material is a CD, the track numbering
from the original disc will be carried over to
the dub.
The recording will continue until the CDR 2
senses that the playback is finished when there
in no incoming signal for more than three sec-
onds.At that point the recording will stop.You
may also stop the recording at any time by
pressing the Record Deck Stop button
x&. If the Record Disc does not have
enough space to complete the recording, the
dub will stop and a DISC FULL message
will be displayed.
After the recording is complete, an UPDATE
message will appear briefly, and the unit will
then return to normal operation. Remember to
Finalize the recorded disc so that it may be
used in other machines.
Recording from an External Source
To record from an external source, first place a
CD-R or CD-RW audio disc in the Record
Deck %. Next, select the input to be used by
pressing the Input button v. Pressing the
button will cycle between the input choices,
which will be shown in the Information
Display K as COAX, OPTICAL and
ANALOG. In addition, the Digital Indicator
Y will light when either the coax or optical
inputs are selected, and the Analog Indicator
X will light when the analog inputs are
selected. Press the Record button 8t and
then the Play/Select button j* to start
the recording.
Note that when the coax digital input is
selected, the connection may be made to either
the rear panel Coax Input § or the Front-
Panel Digital Input 6. If a signal is present
at both coax inputs when a recording is made,
the front-panel input will be used as the source.
Press the Auto/Manual button m to select
how tracks will be numbered on the recorded
The default mode is Manual. In that mode for
either digital or analog recordings, you must
add track numbers manually by pressing the
Track Increment button n when you
wish to increase the track number.
The Auto mode will add track numbers auto-
matically, in one of two ways. When track
data is present from a digital recording, it will
be carried over to the new copy disc.Thus,
when the CD being played moves from one
track to the next track, the copy disc will also
increase the track number by one. When
recording from an analog source, activate the
Auto mode by pressing the Auto/Manual
button m once and note that the Auto
Indicator W will light.
In the Auto mode for recordings from an ana-
log source or a digital source with no track
data, the track number will be increased
when the CDR 2 receives silence for 3 sec-
onds.The recorder will also go into the Pause
mode until the input source resumes.To acti-
vate the Auto mode, press the Auto/Manual
button m once and note that the Auto
Indicator W will light.
To prepare for a recording, press the Record
button t8.The Record Indicator T will
flash, and the word BUSY will briefly appear
in the Information Display K.When the
Display returns to the track and running-time
information, the unit is ready to record.
Start the actual recording by pressing the
Play/Select button j*. Note that the
Record Indicator T will stop flashing and
Information display will begin to show the run-
ning time of the recording and the track data.
Depending on which mode of track increment
has been selected as described above, track
numbers must be increased manually or they
will be added automatically. Regardless of
which mode has been selected, a track may be
added at any time by pressing the Track
Increment button n.
Note: If there is a pause in the playback signal
for more than 3 seconds for digital recordings
and 10 seconds for analog recordings, the
CDR 2 will stop the recording.Also, when the
Pause button is pressed during a recording, the
track number will increase by one number and
the recording will stop and must be restarted
by pressing the Select button j*.