Bose AR1 Stereo Receiver User Manual

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The Bose
link AR1 Wireless Audio Receiver
Your AR1 receiver works with the Bose
link AL8 Homewide
Wireless Audio Link transmitter. It provides wireless audio
reception for Bose link expansion room systems, amplifiers,
or powered speakers.
You can also use it with some older Bose products that are
not Bose link compatible or with a tuner/receiver or a pair of
powered speakers that are not from Bose.
Note: Use of the AR1 receiver with a product that is not Bose link
compatible requires a special adapter cable. For further informa-
tion, refer to “Instructions for non-Bose or older Bose products”
on page 6.
Getting it ready
Check the AR1 receiver connection panel to make sure the
Setup Code switches are set to match those on the connec-
tion panel of the AL8 transmitter. This ensures compatibility.
Note: For further information on the Setup Code, refer to the
owner’s guide that came with your AL8 Homewide Wireless
Audio Link.
Place the receiver within 7 feet (2 meters) of the product it
connects to (using the supplied Bose link A cable).
Place it within 80 feet (24 meters) of the AL8 transmitter.
Keep it upright with all feet flat on a level surface, such as a
floor, table, or shelf.
Do not tip it on its side.
Connecting to a Bose
link compatible product
These instructions are for use of the AR1 receiver with a Bose
link compatible expansion product only. If they are not appro-
priate, refer to “Instructions for non-Bose or older Bose prod-
ucts” on page 6.
1. Connect one end of the supplied Bose link A cable into
the Bose link OUTPUT jack on the AR1 receiver.
2. Connect the other end of the cable to the Bose link Input
jack on the expansion room system, amplifier, or powered
speaker (Figure 1 on page 6).