Bogen UDMS16BP Headphones User Manual

(Note: Observe care in selecting P.A. volume, transmitter location, and speaker
placement so that acoustic feedback (howling and screeching) will be avoided.
Please also note the pickup pattern characteristics of the microphone selected.
Omni-directional mics pickup sound equally from all directions, and are prone to
feedback if not used carefully. Uni-directional mics are more resistant to feedback,
but best pick up sound sources that are directly in front of the mic. Also, mics that
are farther from the sound source, such as lavalieres, require more acoustic gain
and thus are more prone to feedback than close-source mics such as handheld
models that are used close to the mouth.)
For optimum performance, an INPUT.LEVEL.CONTROL.(38) is provided. Adjust the
gain by turning the control with a small screwdriver. For lavaliere mic use, it is
recommended that the level be set at about 2/3 maximum. Experiment and set
for maximum possible gain without audible distortion on the high level peaks.
(Note: Turning down the gain too much can compromise the signal-to-noise ratio
and is not recommended.)