Bogen UDMS16BP Headphones User Manual

5. Channel Selection
Turn the frequency rotary DIP SWITCH (11) to one of the sixteen channels. The
slot on the switch shaft should match a number or letter on the dial, which
indicates the selected channel.
6. Audio Level and Peak LED Indicator
The UDR16 receiver is equipped with a ve segment LED AUDIO LEVEL DISPLAY
(15). Occasional ickering of the top Peak LED indicator on loud inputs to
the transmitter is normal. If this LED lights continuously, turn down the INPUT
LEVEL CONTROL on the transmitter, or noticeable distortion may result.
7. Connecting the Audio Output
The UDR16 receiver provides both a xed mic level BALANCED MIC AUDIO
OUTPUT XLR (7) and an adjustable line level AUDIO OUTPUT 1/4” jack (10).
Tip = signal (+)
Sleeve = ground
Rear Panel XLR Unbalanced 1/4” Plug
(Note: As when making any connection, make sure the amplier or mixing board
volume is at the minimum level before plugging in the receiver to avoid possible
sound system damage.)