Behringer X18 Stereo System User Manual

(EN) Step 3: Network
DIGITAL iPAD/TABLET MIXER X18/XR18 Network Connection
Network Connection
The X AIR mixers eliminate all hassles by
incorporating a wireless network router that
gives access to the mixer in three di erent
ways–via Ethernet LAN, or wirelessly as a
Wi Client or as an Access Point. Selection is
made with the REMOTE switch [12]. Youmay
view or change the network preferences
for these on any of the X AIR remote control
applications on the ’Setup/Network’ page.
IP Address and DHCP
Depending on the connection scenario, the
X(R)18 o ers up to 3 options for connecting
a tablet or PC for software control – DHCP
Client, DHCP Server, and xed IP operation.
Connection is achieved di erently
depending on which option you choose:
DHCP Client mode is available in Ethernet
LAN or Wi Client operation. The mixer will
automatically request an IP lease from the
DHCP server that owns the IP addresses
in the network to which you are trying
DHCP Server (DHCPS) is optionally available
for Ethernet LAN connections and is standard
in Access Point operation. Themixer will
own the IP addresses and provide IP leases
to devices requesting access to that network.
The mixer will always use IPaddress and assign IP addresses – to its clients.
Static IP is available for Ethernet LAN and
Wi Client operation. The mixer will use the
 xed (static) IP address, subnet mask and
gateway that you specify for registering on
the network. Make sure that the addresses
you specify manually are not con icting with
any other addresses on the same network.
Wegenerally recommend using the DHCP
mode, unless you have a very speci c reason
to set itupmanually.
Note: Changing parameters of the currently
selected connection mode will disconnect
the software from the console. If the
console is erroneously con gured for a
 xed IP address that is incompatible with
the network it is connected to, the console
will be inaccessible. In this case, one of the
other two connection modes can be used
to regain access and amend the settings.
Ifthat does not work, holdthe Reset
button for 2 seconds to return to default
Mixer name and Ethernet setup screen
This mode supports DHCP Client (default),
DHCPServer, and  xed IP operation.
Note that if the X(R)18 is connected
to a network where no DHCP server
is present, themixer will generate an
automatic IP address (range– There are no security
options for LAN connections, so any device in
that network may take control of connected
X(R)18 consoles. Whenconnecting via
LAN/Ethernet to a Wi router, makesure
the security settings of that router prevent
unauthorized access.
Wi Client setup screen
Wi Client
This mode supports DHCP Client (default)
and  xed IP operation. The X(R)18 can
support WEP, WPA and WPA2 security
mechanisms in Wi Client mode and works
on Wi channels 1-11.
Correct SSID (network name) and password
need to be supplied to connect to an
existing network. WEPpasswords have
to be either 5 characters or 13characters
long. If the supplied SSID and password are
incorrect, the mixer cannot be accessed.
Inthis case the networking parameters
have to be reset and another connection
mode has to be used to regain access.
The Ethernet connection mode may be used
for con guration of the Wi Client mode.
While being connected in Ethernet mode,
the X AIR mixer can scan the available
wireless networks and display their SSID
network names,  eld strength and security
method. By selecting the preferred wireless
network, this information can be copied
to the applications’ Wi Client setup page
automatically. You will then be prompted
to  ll in the security password of that
network. Afterswitching from Ethernet
to Wi Client mode, themixer should
connect to the selected wireless network
automatically, and will be displayed
by remote applications on any device
connected to the samenetwork.
Access Point setup screen
Access Point
This mode only supports DHCP Server
operation with a maximum of 4 clients,
working on Wi channels 1-11. Securityis
supported via WEP 40-bit (5 ASCII
characters) or WEP 104-bit (13 ASCII
characters). By default, the mixer will use
a network name consisting of the model
name plus the last bits of the mixer’s
unique MAC address (e.g. XR18-17-BE-C0).
The default IP address is and no
security is engaged.
The control software is available for
Android and iPad tablets as well as PC/
Mac/Linux computers. Visit
to download the PC/Mac/Linux software.
Thetablet software can be downloaded
from the app store on your device.
To learn more about operating the
control software, visitthe product page
on to download the
20 X AIR X18/XR18 21 Quick Start Guide