Yamaha CDC-665 Stereo System User Manual

To stop program play
Press the STOP button. The first programmed track number
will be displayed.
To resume play, press the PLAY button. Play will begin from
the beginning of the program.
To cancel a programmed sequence
There are several methods, as described below.
Press the STOP button or the CLEAR button while the unit
is stopped.
Open the disc tray.
Switch off the power.
To check program data
1. If during program play, press the STOP button.
2. Press the PROG button.
3. Each time the SKIP button is pressed, the track
numbers and sequential order of the programmed tracks
can be checked one after another. The display of the track
number can be returned (sequentially in reverse order) by
pressing the SKIP button.
To correct program data
1. Follow the procedure described in “To check program
2. Display the track number to be corrected by pressing the
SKIP button.
3. Press a numeric button to select a track to replace the one
displayed. The previously programmed track will be
cleared from the memory and the new one will be
4. After the correction has been completed, press the PROG
button or PLAY button once again.
Display information during programming
Shows the program number for the track to be programmed
Shows the selected disc and track number.
Shows the total time of the tracks currently programmed.
Shows only the numbers of programmed tracks on the
selected disc.
* If “P-01” does not appear on the display after the PROG
button is pressed, press the TIME display mode-select
* If the total time exceeds 99 minutes and 59 seconds, the
time will not be displayed.
You can program as many as 40 tracks at one time.
You can program a whole disc by pressing “0”, instead of
one track. At that time, “AL” flashes on the display.
The total time of the programmed tracks will not be
displayed, if a track number higher than 20 is programmed.
If, during programming, the TIME display mode-select button
is pressed, the program number display can be changed to
display the total time of the programmed tracks or no
information. To return to the previous display, press the
TIME display mode-select button once again.
The SKIP ( and ) button can be used during
playing, but only within the range of the programmed tracks.
The SEARCH ( and ) button can be used during
playing to search all tracks, including unprogrammed tracks.