Yamaha NS-C125 Home Theater System User Manual

Placing the center speaker
Place the speaker on the floor under the TV or
inside the TV rack so that it is stabilized.
Mounting the center speaker
NS-C125 on the wall
The speaker can be mounted on a wall by using
the bracket attached to the speaker’s back panel.
Fasten screws into a firm wall or wall support as
shown in the figure below, and hang the holes on
the protruding screws.
When placing the speaker on top of the TV
To prevent the speaker from falling down, put the
provided fasteners at two points on both bottom
of the speaker and top of the TV.
Do not place the speaker on top of the TV whose
area is smaller than the bottom area of the speaker.
If placed, the speaker may drop out causing an
injury to you.
Do not place the speaker on top of the TV with an
Do not touch the adhesive surface after peeling off
the seal as this will weaken its adhesive strength.
Thoroughly wipe clean the surface where the
fastener is to be applied. Note that adhesive
strength is weakened if the surface is dirty, oily or
wet and that this may cause the center speaker to
Peel off
the seal
TV set
The speaker weights 2 kg (4.4 lbs). Do not
mount them on thin plywood or soft wall
surface material, as the screws may come out
of the flimsy surface, causing the speakers to
fall down and be damaged, or result in
personal injury.
Do not fasten the speakers to wall with nails,
adhesives, or other unsound hardware. Long
term use and vibrations may cause them to fall
To avoid accidents resulting from tripping
over loose speaker cords, fix them to the wall.
Make sure that the screws are caught by a
narrow part of the holes securely.
292 mm
Wall or wall
Tapping screw
Diam. 3.5 to
4 mm
3 mm
20 mm