Sony BDVE780W Stereo System User Manual

Additional Information
“BRAVIA” Sync ([Control for HDMI])
Network connection
Built-in/USB wireless LAN connection
Symptom Problems and solutions
The [Control for HDMI]
function does not work
(“BRAVIA” Sync).
Check that [Control for HDMI] is set to [On] (page 63).
If you change the HDMI connection, turn the system off and on again.
If power failure occurs, set [Control for HDMI] to [Off], then set [Control for
HDMI] to [On] (page 63).
• Check the following and refer to the operating instructions supplied with the
the connected component is compatible with the [Control for HDMI]
the connected component’s setting for the [Control for HDMI] function is
Symptom Problems and solutions
The system cannot connect to the
• Check the network connection (page 27) and the network settings (page 64).
Symptom Problems and solutions
You cannot connect your PC to
the Internet after [Wi-Fi
Protected Setup (WPS)] is
The wireless settings of the router may change automatically if you use the
Wi-Fi Protected Setup function before adjusting the settings of the router. In
this case, change the wireless settings of your PC accordingly.
You cannot connect the system
to your wireless LAN router.
Check if the wireless LAN router is on.
Depending on the usage environment, including the wall material, radio wave
reception conditions, or obstacles between the system and the wireless LAN
router, the possible communication distance may be shortened. Move the
system and the wireless LAN router closer to each other.
• Devices that use a 2.4 GHz frequency band, such as a microwave, Bluetooth, or
digital cordless device, may interrupt the communication. Move the unit away
from such devices, or turn off such devices.
The desired wireless router is not
detected even if [Scan] is
Press RETURN to return to the previous screen, and try [Scan] again. If the
desired wireless router is still not detected, press RETURN to select [Manual
The system cannot connect to the
network or the network
connection is unstable.
• The distance between the unit and the wireless LAN router is too far (page 27).