Sennheiser MP3128 CD Player User Manual

Software is not operational.
- The problem may be caused from unsuccessful software installation,
refer to page 23 to 26.
The unit wouldn't work and there is no indication on the display window.
- Check the the battery charge level and check the polarity +/- of the battery.
The unit wouldn't work even when the buttons are pressed.
- Check if the HOLD button is Off.
No music even when pressing the PLAY button in the MP3mode.
- Check if MP3files are stored in the Internal Memory.
Cannot download the MP3file.
- Check if the driver is properly installed on the computer.
- Check the connection between the PC and the USB Cable port.
The LCD window is dim.
- Check the Contrast.
Backlight is not turned on.
- Check the setup of backlight.
- If the current voltage of battery is low, the backlight is automatically not
turned on for longer playback.