Radio Shack Speaker Speaker User Manual

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Portable 900 MHz Wireless Speaker System
Thank you for purchasing the RCA
Portable 900 MHz Wireless Speaker
System. Your system gives you high-quality
stereo sound in the 900 MHz band to
almost anywhere in or around your home.
Your Speaker System's three selectable
channels, PLL (Phase-Locked Loop)
circuitry and built-in antenna give you
precise tuning, so you can enjoy your
favorite music while you exercise or work
around your yard or house — up to 300
feet away from your stereo.
Your system has compander circuitry for
optimum dynamic range and noise
reduction, a 10-watt RMS amplifier in each
speaker, a 2-way speaker design with 5"
woofer and 1" dome tweeter. It has true
stereo operation with frequency ranges
from 50Hz to 20KHz (6dB bandwidth),
which will offer you the best sound. There
is no pilot tone spill over in this system,
and this improves your sound quality.
Also there is Automatic Level Control for
audio input to RF transmitter for optimum
FM deviation adjustment (plug and play,
no user adjustment is required)
Power/Transmitter Indicator — lights
green when the AC adapter is correctly
plugged in and the audio signal is input to
the transmitter.
Power/Speaker Indicator — lights green
when the AC adapter is correctly plugged
in or batteries are installed and POWER is
set to
Your system is powered by three AC
adapters (included) or 16 “D” batteries (not
supplied, 8 for each speaker)