Panasonic WZ-VC106E/F Speaker User Manual

6 W/30 W/60 W transformer type. Broad wattage range adapts
flexibly to wattage fluctuations while work is underway.
5-level sound volume adjustment. Addition of –18 dB level
allows use in quieter environments.
One-touch snap on insulator. For easier connecting and
Equipped with protective back cover to provide a safer
working environment.
Uses one-touch snap on terminals equipped with release buttons.
Requires solid copper wire cabling ø0.8 mm - ø1.6 mm.
Ceiling Mount Speaker
Speaker Volume Controllers
Speaker Panels
Model No. WS-TP10E WS-TP12E WS-TP13E WS-TP14E
Dimensions ø180 x 10.5 mm
(Exposed height)
8.5 mm
Weight (approx.) 60 g 75 g 70 g 80 g
Finish Integrated PP Frame: ABS resin Frame: ABS resin Frame: Aluminum frame
Integrated white (Munsell 10Y9/1) Integrated white (Munsell 10Y9/1) Integrated white (Munsell 10Y9/1) Base color: Satin finish
Net: Punched aluminum Net: Expanded metal net Net: Punched aluminum
Integrated white (Munsell 10Y9/1) Integrated white (Munsell 10Y9/1) AV ivory (Munsell 7.9Y6.8/0.8)
Speaker Speaker
Tone level and quality
are even whether in
a position directly
under or away from
the speaker.
Speaker Speaker
Sound level is
too low to hear.
Sound is too
loud to hear.
Model No. WS-TN13E
Standard Inputs 6 W, 3 W, 1 W
Input Impedance 1.67 k, 3.3 k, 10 k,
Sound Pressure Level
94 dB (1 m/ 1 W)
Frequency Response 120 Hz -15 kHz
Speaker Type 12 cm cone speaker
Operating Temperature Range
134 mm (W) x 215.5 mm (H) x 88.5 mm (Internal Component Height)
Weight (approx.)
600 g
Required Opening ø
150 mm - 160 mm
Finish Black polystyrene
Output level is defined in accordance with JISC5531 and differs from the security warning (Signal No. 2) level.
Model No. WZ-VC106E/F WZ-VC130E/F WZ-VC160E/F
Standard Inputs 0.5 W - 6 W 0.5 W - 30 W 0.5 W - 60 W
Input Impedance 20 k- 1.67 k 20 k- 330 20 k- 167
Volume Adjustment 5-level: OFF, 1 (–18 dB), 2 (–12 dB), 3 (–6 dB), 4 (0 dB) reduction
Dimensions 70 mm (W) x 120 mm (H) x 49 mm (D)
Weight (approx.) 210 g
Finish Milk White Plate: Aluminum brushed finish
Speaker Volume Controllers
(0.5 W ~ 6 W)
(0.5 W ~ 30 W)
(0.5 W ~ 60 W)
Pursuing uniformity of tone quality
A special diffuser radiates sound in both the downward and
horizontal directions. While optimizing the sound level directly
under the speaker, the diffuser delivers sufficient sound levels
in the higher frequencies to positions away from the speaker,
thus ensuring the delivery of clear sound.
Simple, easy installation
Wide-directional design is employed to cover a wide area with
Tone quality and level are almost flat.
Conventional ceiling-mounted speaker
a small number of speaker units, thus ensuring cost
reductions during installation work. Furthermore, quick
connection terminals are employed, ensuring one-touch
connection of cables without using any tools. The speaker
panel (option) is of a spring type, and all you have to do is to
hang it in the desired place.
Economical efficiency during remodeling
When remodeling your shop, you can change the interior
atmosphere just by replacing the speaker panels.
Ceiling-Mounted Speaker