Panasonic PRO-SW100P Speaker User Manual

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PRO-SW100P 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer
Your Optimus PRO-SW100P 100-Watt
Powered Subwoofer is designed to
give you the best possible low fre-
quency sound quality for the ultimate
home theater experience. You will be
astonished by the realism it adds to
movie sound effects and the power it
lends to all kinds of music.
The subwoofer combines the power of
a built-in 100-watt RMS amplifier with
a responsive, 10-inch coated paper
cone woofer — all housed in a ported
bass-reflex enclosure to produce tight,
floor-rumbling, powerful bass (down to
42 Hz) that you can feel as well as
hear! The LED power indicator lets
you see at a glance when the sub-
woofer is operating.
Your subwoofer has an adjustable
high cut filter and high and low level in-
puts, making it easy to incorporate into
existing systems, or you can use it as
an integral part of a subwoofer/satellite
It also has these features:
Auto On/Off
— Automatically switch-
es the PRO-SW100P’s amplifier to
standby if the subwoofer does not re-
ceive a signal for about 11 minutes.
— Lights when the
subwoofer is connected to power but
not receiving a signal.
h Level Input
— Lets you connect
the subwoofer to an amplifier’s or re-
ceiver’s speaker outputs.
h Level Output
— Lets you con-
nect the subwoofer between an ampli-
fier or receiver (without line out
terminals) and other speakers.
Low Level Input
— Lets you connect
the subwoofer to an amplifier’s or re-
ceiver’s line out jacks. These inputs
automatically sum left and right chan-
nel information.
Volume Control
— Lets you match
the PRO-SW100P’s output level to
your satellite speakers’ output (if
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