OEM Systems SE893KE Speaker System User Manual

Overall (W x H) Cut-Out (W x H x Depth)
AP-602 9-1/16"x12-3/4" 8"x11-3/4"x3-1/4"
AP-802 10-1/2"x14-1/2" 9"x13"x3-1/4"
SE-893KE 10-1/2"x14-1/2" 9"x13"x3-1/4"
SE-891E 10-1/2"x14-1/2" 9"x13"x2-15/16"
PS-602 9-1/16"x12-3/4" 8"x11-3/4"x3-1/4"
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Rectangular In-Wall Loudspeakers
For 5-1/4", 6-1/2" & 8" In-Wall
Congratulations! You have purchased a high quality
stereo loudspeaker. When matched to comparable
electronic equipment, expect years of quality high
delity sound. We are constantly striving to provide
the very best technology has to offer.
The following manual is designed to give you,
the installer or owner, basic information as to
the speaker’s installation and operation. It is
beyond the scope of this manual to go into all the
details that must be taken into consideration in a
sophisticated high delity system.
If you have any questions regarding this speaker
which are not answered by this manual, contact your
local dealer for assistance. For the most current
information please visit www.oemsystems.com.
These two-way speakers have specially designed
woofers with linear long throw butyl rubber
surrounds for long life and superior damping. Dome
tweeters are utilized for excellent high frequency
dispersion throughout your entire listening
environment. Two piece bafe/frame assemblies
allow for custom painting of the frames and grilles
without the need to mask the speakers.
Each speaker is thoroughly tested before it leaves
the factory. However, in shipment, accidents may
occur. Please inspect your speakers carefully
when you receive them to make sure there is no
damage. If there is, please notify your dealer, or
supplier immediately for assistance. If you received
your speakers by public transportation, report the
damage at once to the shipping company.
These speakers will perform well with ampliers
from 5 to 125 Watts RMS. However, damage to
the speakers can be done by ampliers of nearly
any power rating if the amplier is overdriven
into clipping. “Amplier clipping” is a phrase
used to describe a condition when, because of
the volume demand, an amplier is being asked
for more power than it can give. Clipping causes
distortion of the audio signal. If you should hear
an unusual amount of distortion at high listening
levels then consider reducing the volume.
Placement of Wall Mounted Speakers should be
carefully considered. Ideally, the speakers should
be located where they will provide the best possible
sound and ease of installation. It is beyond the
scope of this publication to discuss all of the various
aspects of speaker placement. Please contact a
professional for assistance if you are uncomfortable
with the planning or installation process.
Note: Though these speakers are referred to as “wall
mount,” they are also suitable for installations in
ceilings and custom cabinetry.
To achieve maximum performance from your new
speakers we strongly suggest the use of good quality
stereo cable. There are many good brands available.
We recommend that the cable be at least 16 gauge
or larger for runs of over 50 feet and that the wire
be double insulated. This is often referred to as
“jacketed” speaker cable. “Zip cord,” which is single
insulated and is often made with clear insulation,
should be avoided as it is not as durable. It is
important when installing the wiring and speakers
that you adhere to all local codes and regulations.
We suggest that a professional be consulted in
order to maximize your system’s performance. The
following, however, are some useful suggestions.
Try to keep the wire length to a minimum. However,
allow about 2½ feet of free wire at the speaker cut-
out and sufcient length at the electronics to aid in
the ease of installation. Adding extra wire later is
tedious and time consuming.
Avoid bundling speaker cables parallel to electrical
cables for extended lengths. Though the impedance
is low and the likelihood of interference low, this
2-Piece Baffle & Frame