Kenwood KRC-266 Cassette Player User Manual

— 19 —
Tuner source
? Radio reception is poor.39
The car antenna is not extended.
Pull the antenna out all the way.
The antenna control wire is not connected.40
Connect the wire correctly, referring to the section on
<Connecting Wires to Terminals>.
Disc source
? "AVin" is displayed without achieving External disc control mode.50
O-N switch is set to "O" side.
Set the switch to "N" side.
Unsupported disc changer is connected.
Connect the supported disc changer. (page 3)
? The specified disc does not play, but another one plays instead.52
The specified CD is quite dirty.
Clean the CD.
The CD is upside-down.53
Load the CD with the labeled side up.
The disc is loaded in a different slot from that specified.54
Eject the disc magazine and check the number for the specified
The disc is severely scratched.55
Try another disc instead.
? The specified track will not play.58
Random play or magazine random play has been selected.
Turn off random play or magazine random play.
? Track repeat, disc repeat, track scan, random play, and magazine
random play start by themselves.59
The setting is not canceled.
The settings for these functions remain on until the setting to off
or the disc ejected, even if the power is turned off or the source
? Cannot play CD-R or CD-RW.60
Finalization processing is not being conducted for CD-R/CD-RW.
Conduct finalization processing with CD recorder.
A non-compatible CD changer is being used to play the CD-R/CD-
Use a CD changer compatible with CD-R/CD-RW to play.
?Track Search can't be done.66-2
For the albums first or last song.
For each album, Track Search can't be done in the backward
direction for the first song or in the forward direction for the last
If the following situations, consult your nearest service
Even though the disc changer is connected, the Disc Changer source is
not ON, with "AVin" showing in the display during the Changer Mode.
Even though no device (CA-C1AX) is connected, the Auxiliary input is
entered when switching modes.
Troubleshooting Guide