Cary Audio Design CD 200 CD Player User Manual

CD 306/200
CD Transport/Processor
192kHz/24bit D/A Converter
Before installing your new CD-306/200 CD Transport/Processor, please read this manual
carefully, as it will inform you of the specifications, sample rate conversion, proper
installation and operation procedures. Also included in this manual are guidelines on how to
properly care for your new player. Thank you for buying a Cary Audio Design CD-306/200
, High Definition Compatible Digital
and Pacific Microsonics are either registered
trademarks or trademarks of Pacific Microsonics, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.
HDCD system manufactured under license from Pacific Microsonics, Inc.
This product is covered by one or more of the following:
Country Patent No.
United States 5,479,168 5,638,074 5,640,161 5,808,574
5,838,274 5,854,600 5,864,311 5,872,531
Australia 669114
Other patents pending.