AutoTek SM12S4 Speaker User Manual

Enclosure Materials
Typically, 5/8” or 3/4” MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board) is best
for most applications. 3/4” MDF is recommended.
Enclosure Build Materials
Connecting joints need to be glued and screwed to ensure no
air escapes and joints do not separate under high pressure.
Mitered and rabbit joints also help to ensure the enclosure joints
are secure.
Internal bracing is also recommended to prevent flexing and to
strengthen the enclosure.
Note: The volume taken up by the bracing should be added to the
total enclosure interior volume.
There are two common bracing methods.
1. Corner Bracing: These help prevent the connection joints
from separating under heavy vibration and air pressure.
Use 1’ x 1” MDF at all interior joints
2. Diagonal Bracing: These internal braces connect the top side
to the bottom side as well front side to back side. This prevents
the wood from bowing or pushing outwards.
Use 1” x 2” with 1” surface contact that is glued and screwed.
Wiring Parallel, Series or Parallel/Series will affect the final
impedance at the amp and great care must taken to ensure the
amp is not driven below it’s intended impedance capabilities.