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Jun 19th, 2010 at 1:46pm

Altec Lansing ACS 250 + ACS 500 comp. speakers

for Altec Lansing Speaker ACS250

I have a split wire that says DC out on the Sub. which I connected to DC in on 1 of the speakers. A DIN cable from 1 speaker to the other and the signal in on the Sub. to my laptop (Compac Prisario CQ61) speaker jack. The back of 1 speaker has a ST/PRO and Noise button and jacks L-R out, Surr. out, Cen. out, Sub out, and Inputs 1+2 along with the DIN jack and DC in. The other speaker just has the DIN jack. HELP!

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  • rbacc3
    I actually found a ACS250 sub and one ACS500 Multimedia surround Sound tower.I figured it was incomplete so it sat for awhile untill I finally tried them. I dug them up and found I had a 2nd ACS250 sub. I hooked them all up and added 2 more speaker sets in various ways through that tower and they worked great a few ways.I have the same problem no manual. I would like to know how many speakers are with a complete system and how to connect them for max performance,some variations cancel other speakers out. I would like to have 2or 3 more of those towers.

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