Yamaha HTR-4063 Stereo System User Manual

Firmware Update Procedure for RX-V467/RX-V567
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September, 2010
Subject: RX-V467/RX-V567 Firmware Update Version F018
(Including HTR-4063/HTR-5063)
Yamaha is pleased to offer the following firmware update to ensure the best possible
performance and features for your Yamaha RX-V467/RX-V567 AV Receiver. This
firmware adds 3D video pass-through capability for the HDMI connections and improves
stability with 3D signals from DirecTV set-top boxes.
A personal computer capable of burning an audio CD
BD/DVD/CD player* with digital audio connection
(Optical or Coaxial, not HDMI)
Some DVD players use digital filters, which affects the output signal of the
devices. This firmware update may not work with DVD players which use these
digital filters. CD players usually do not use these filters.
The firmware version consists of a letter followed by three numbers [ex. “F018”].
If the three numbers in the firmware version are 018 or higher, you DO NOT need to
perform this update.
How to check your firmware version:
Press and hold the [STRAIGHT] button on the front panel and keep it pressed while you
press the [STANDBY/ON] button. Once the front panel displays "ADVANCED SETUP",
release the [STRAIGHT] button. Then, press and hold the [TONE CONTROL] button for
about 3 seconds until front panel display shows the firmware version.
The following pages contain the firmware update instructions for Yamaha AV receivers
RX-V467/V567. The outline of the update is as follows:
1. Create an update disc (Audio CD)
2. Connect digital audio with CD, DVD or BD player
3. Enter firmware update mode
4. Play the update disc (Reprogramming)
5. Confirm update firmware version
Do not attempt to update your Yamaha receiver using any other data file except those provided
directly from the Yamaha website.
Follow the instructions carefully and do not attempt any other procedures not specified in the
instructions provided by Yamaha.
Improperly updated products may cause improper operation, and any parts or service required
to restore proper operation will not be covered under the Yamaha Limited Warranty.