Yamaha DVX-S302 Home Theater System User Manual

Playing MP3/JPEG/DivX
This receiver can play DivX
, MP3, JPEG, VCD and
SVCD files on a personally recorded CD-R/RW disc or
commercial CD.
You have to turn on your TV and set to the correct Video In
channel (see “Setting a TV” on page 24).
1 Load the disc.
The disc reading time may exceed 30 seconds due
to the complexity of the directory/file configuration.
The disc menu appears on the TV screen.
2 Press / to select a desired folder and press
ENTER (OK) to open the folder.
3 Press / to select a track/file.
4 Press ENTER (OK) to confirm.
Playback will start from the selected file to the end
of the folder.
While the disc menu is displayed, you can:
–Press b / a to select another track/file in the
current folder.
To select another folder from the current disc, press
to return to the root menu, then press / to
make your selection and press ENTER (OK) to
–Press e to pause or h to resume playback.
If you press / / / during playback of
JPEG images, the picture rotates.
MP3 disc features
The MP3-CD formats (ISO9660 format)
support the following:
MP3 files must have the extension “.MP3” or “.mp3”
Max. 30 characters
Max. nested directory is 8 levels.
Max. album number is 99.
Max. track number is 999.
Supported sampling rates of 32, 44.1, 48/16, 22.05, and
24 kHz
The following features are not supported
for MP3 discs:
The discs that have any types of file other than MP3
and JPEG.
The simultaneous playback of the MP3 and JPEG files.
Chinese filenames and text.
Non-finalized closed discs.
Discs recorded in UDF format.
Additional note for MP3 disc playback:
The disc read time may exceed 10 seconds due to the
large number of songs compiled onto one disc.
Multi-session discs are supported.
The digital output signals of MP3 files are copy
Downloading MP3 file from the internet or copying songs
from your own legal discs is a delicate process.