Sony 4-199-697-12(1) Stereo System User Manual

Connecting the system to your home
The access point scan method is introduced in this guide.
For details on network connection methods other than the access point scan method
“Connecting the system to your home network” in Operating Instructions
1 Press 
(power) to turn on the system.
If the network setting display does not appear, press OPTIONS. Press
to select “Network,” then press ENTER. Select “Settings,” then press ENTER.
3 Select “Wireless LAN Settings.”
If “Change Setting?” appears, select “OK.”
4 Select “Access Point Scan.”
5 Select the desired network name (SSID) from the list.
6 Enter the security key (WEP key, WPA/WPA2 key).
By default, the security key appears as “
.” Press DISPLAY repeatedly to
encrypt and disclose the security key.
Press CHARACTER repeatedly to select the character type (select “abc”
for entering lowercase letters, “ABC” for uppercase letters, and “123”
for numbers).
Press the corresponding numeric/text button to enter the desired
character, then press
to move the cursor to the next input
Press ENTER to save the text string.
7 On the IP setting, select “Auto.”
8 On the proxy setting, select “Do Not Use.”
9 Select “OK.”
If “Complete!” appears, press ENTER.
If your network has not been secured by encryption (using the security key), the security
setting display does not appear in step 6.
Listening to music services
You can listen to various music services offered on the Internet.
For details and further information on music services
The following steps explain how to select “vTuner” as an example of music
services offered on the Internet.
A list of service providers that the system can connect to appears.
2 Select “vTuner.”
3 Select the desired folder or station, then press
to select the item.
Press ENTER to go to the next directory, or to listen to the station.
Press BACK to go back to the previous directory.
DLNA player
Play audio content stored
on a server (PC)
Server (PC)
Stream audio content
Home Network
Music Services
Wireless LAN router/
access point
Listening to music services
You can listen to various music services offered on the Internet.
Listening to music stored on your server (PC)
You can listen to audio content stored on a server (PC) that supports DLNA
standards via your home network.
Before using the system
Insert batteries into the remote.
R6 (size AA) 2
Connect the power cord and speaker cords.
To a wall outlet
Power cord
Speaker cords
To speakers
Check the following information
You will be required to select or enter the following information when you make the network settings.
Check the following information in advance, and record it in the space provided below.
Network name (SSID)*:
Security key (WEP key, WPA/WPA2 key)*:
* This information should be available from a label on your wireless LAN router/access point, from the operating
manual, from the person who set up your wireless network, or from the information provided by your Internet service
Insert only the stripped portion
of the speaker cords.
Red (
This Quick Setup Guide explains how to connect CMT-MX700Ni/MX750Ni Micro HI-FI
Component System to your wireless home network, and how to use the functions that can be used
over a wireless network.