Sennheiser 502864 Headphones User Manual

PX 200-II
Ideal for great sound enjoyment
- the closed, dynamic, supra-
aural PX 200-II mini headphones
provide excellent isolation to let
you enjoy your music without
being disturbed or disturbing
others. They also provide out-
standing wearing comfort with
their soft leatherette ear pads.
Like the PX 100-II,
these mini headphones come
with a steel-reinforced head-
band for long lasting strength
and durability. An integrated
volume control on the cable
allows for enhanced usability
and convenience.
Closed design – Blocks outside noise
Single-sided cable for convenient handling
Integrated volume control for enhanced usability and convenience
Steel-reinforced headband for high durability
Fold and flip: registered design – Allows the ear cups to be turned 90°
and the headphones folded towards the headband (headphones will
lock in open and closed positions)
Convenient carrying case included
Optimised for portable audio –
Including MP3, iPod, iPhone, CD players and portable media players